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3 September 1985
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alice in wonderland, androgyny, anime, anime music, antimatter, aphex twin, art, baryons, bis, bisexuality, bittorrent, black, black holes, blood, blue man group, books, boys, branes, brass goggles, cats, chai tea, chocolate, civilization, coffee, computer geeks, computers, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dark city, dark matter, darkness, dead can dance, death, doppler effect, doppler shifts, drawing, ebichu, edward gorey, electromagnetism, electrons, english breakfast tea, eve-online, fermions, finland, finnish, fire, flogging molly, from hell, fusion, gaming, garmarna, geekiness, geeks, geeky goths, genetics, giant panda, girls, gothic geeks, gravitons, gravity, h.p. lovecraft, hadrons, half-life, hallucinogen, hedningarna, hello panda, hl2, horror, hugs, irish breakfast tea, japan, japanese pop culture, johnny depp, kisses, leptons, linguistics, lips, long hair, long-sleeve shirts, manga, mcgnarley's rant, milla jovovich, mitch hedberg, muons, music, nerds, neutrinos, neutron stars, neutrons, night, ninja, philosophy, photography, php, physics, portishead, pretty boys, protons, pulsars, quantum phase shifts, quarks, quasars, rain, rant music, red, rock climbing, russian, science, science fiction, seattle, sex, sexuality, sexy geeks, skiing, sleeping, snow, standard deviation, star trek, steampunk, string theory, strings, superstrings, suprnova, sushi, tauons, tea, techno, technology, theoretical physics, tim burton, timetravel, tracy + the plastics, trillian, uwajimaya, valve, vampires, violin, white holes, white rabbit, white rabbit creamy candy, wormholes, writing


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